Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A fun night of at home entertainment!

The girls got the idea to play dress up with their great granddad...AKA..."Pop." This was a Kodak moment for sure. He hasn't been in the best health lately and it was good to see him cutting up a little bit!They had to do the same thing with their Poppy later that night. Poppy was making fun of his dad in the pic above. He is sooo going to kill me for posting this. It's for the girls' scrapbook, Poppy! It's all about the laughs and memories. ;)These girls love to perform! These are just a bunch of pics of them acting silly! Mimi & Poppy were there to enjoy the show too! Emma isn't always into the performances, but as you will see she eventually got into it too. She is perfectly content in her own little Emma world most of the time! I love having girly girls! God definitely blessed me with my little drama queens!

See? Told ya there was a bunch of Emma!

Emma is very photogenic, WHEN she wants to be...
She happened to be cooperating here...I love bathtime pics!
It seems to be when my girls are happiest!
Not sure what this Popeye look is about??

Gettin a horsey ride from Poppy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My new camera ! ! !

Why has it been so long since my last post?! Well, I have a very good reason! My camera died in June and I just got a new one. I can't believe I have so little photo documentation of the summer of 2010. Luckily I had my mom's camera for the couple of times a camera was an absolute my babies' 3 year old bday party all the way back in August! So sad that I haven't posted these yet, but I just haven't taken the time to get them from my mom's camera! It's coming! Not that any of you readers have been on "pins and needles" awaiting a post from me, but remember one of these days I am going to print all these posts and put them in a scrapbook for my kids to have one day. It will be fun for all of us to read about the old days years from now! I am really enjoying my fancy new camera that my sweet hubby got me! It was well worth the wait! These are just some fun pics that I took of Aubrie and Kaitlyn being silly! Sorry there's none of Miss Emma, but they're coming!

I am going to be wearing out the new posts, so beware! Got lots to catch up on!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The rest of the pics....

I wish that I could bottle her laughter!

I just think she looks so grown up! Her hair is sooo long!
Aubrie adores her big sister and Kaitlyn is definitely the BEST big sis a girl could have!
She looks 14 in these pics instead of 9! My friend that took the pics couldn't get over how photogenic she is!

My cousin Jon summed it up well when he said it looks like she's saying,
"Whatcu talkin bout, Momma?!"
You see everyone doing this type of picture now, but I just love it! I never realized how they are like stairsteps! I didn't have sisters, but would've loved to! It's so much fun to experience the relationship of sisters through these beautiful girls God has given me!It's not easy to get all 3 of these girls looking at the same time, but she got several and it makes me soooo proud!
She was yelling "CHEESE!!!" the whole time!This is the look I get when she is need of momma's help!
Still saying, CHEESE!!!
Half-grown.... literally!

My beautiful Aubrie!
We tried to get shots of all the combinations of 2 sisters at a time!

This is serious Aubrie....But this is the silly Aubrie we all know and love!
Another good one of the 3...
We will celebrate my baby girl's 3RD bday this month! Seems impossible!
Needless to say we are beyond blessed!