Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A fun night of at home entertainment!

The girls got the idea to play dress up with their great granddad...AKA..."Pop." This was a Kodak moment for sure. He hasn't been in the best health lately and it was good to see him cutting up a little bit!They had to do the same thing with their Poppy later that night. Poppy was making fun of his dad in the pic above. He is sooo going to kill me for posting this. It's for the girls' scrapbook, Poppy! It's all about the laughs and memories. ;)These girls love to perform! These are just a bunch of pics of them acting silly! Mimi & Poppy were there to enjoy the show too! Emma isn't always into the performances, but as you will see she eventually got into it too. She is perfectly content in her own little Emma world most of the time! I love having girly girls! God definitely blessed me with my little drama queens!

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jaymie said...

you have no idea how great it was for me to leave Kanyon with you Sunday night. Its hard to leave him with people at different places because they don't know him and its kinda hard to explain and I don't want him to be too much trouble. It was easy leaving him with you because i know you know him (and love him) and that makes it so much better for him and I don't have to explain a thing!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Sorry I'm posting this here, but I don't have your email! :)